At Dentures 4 You, we take great care in crafting customized dentures that perfectly fit your mouth, facial structure and gumlines. Yet, no matter how perfectly fitted the dentures are, many patients in Karingal, Mornington, Rosebud and Hallam have questions about getting used to them.

For some, wearing dentures for the first time can seem like a foreign concept and may feel quite strange at first. Although modern dentures have come a long way, they cannot perfectly match the feel, form and function of natural teeth.

This results in a new sensation and a corresponding period of time to adjust and get used to dentures.

Tips on Getting Used to Dentures:

  • Be open and give it time. You will naturally adjust with dentures feeling more natural and comfortable with each passing day.
  • Slight soreness and/or discomfort is normal as your facial musculature gets used to chewing and speaking with your new set of pearly whites.
  • Start with soft foods, and progressively work your way up to tougher and harder food items.
  • Discuss various adhesive options with your dentist to find the right one for you.
  • If applicable, follow any “post extraction” care instructions provided by your dentist

Most of all, be patient and take it one bite at a time. And if you have concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out to Dentures 4 You Today. We’re standing by and eager to help.

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