At Dentures 4 You, we pride ourselves on helping patients in and around Karingal, Mornington, Rosebud and Hallam find the right dentures quickly, easily and affordably.
If this is your first experience with dentures, you may find that you have questions about the process and what to expect.
We assure you the process is straightforward, and likely easier than you’d expect.

Steps When Getting New Dentures

1. Initial Consultation

During this step, you’ll receive a full dental examination, discuss needs and preferences, and discuss the best options suited to your goals, bone and facial structure. Time-permitting, your dentist may opt to take a quick impression o your mouth that will be used as a blueprint to design and manufacture uniquely tailored dentures perfectly fitted to your mouth.

2. Follow-up Evaluation and Secondary Impressions

At this appointment, we take a secondary set of impressions to improve the accuracy of your dentures. At this step, we may conduct an additional assessment of your facial and jaw structures in order to make any final adjustments to your impressions before sending to the lab for fabrication.

3. Trying Out your New Dentures

During this step, you get to try on your dentures and evaluate the size, colour, shape and arrangement of the teeth. If any other adjustments are needed, you’ll get the opportunity to make these final touches at this time. Once you’re satisfied, the mould will be sent to the lab for fabrication of the final acrylic structure.

4. Final Fitting

Your denture has now been made and you get to try them on for the first time. It is common that they will feel a bit odd and uncomfortable at first, but minor adjustments may be made (when possible) to optimize the final fit.

5. Follow Up Appointment

Just like regular dental appointments, you’ll need to schedule follow-ups to evaluate your new dentures and to ensure they are performing and functioning as they should.

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