Dentures are made from specialized composite and/or other materials designed to be as durable as they are functional and aesthetically pleasing. Although they are manufactured to last for years, they can experience wear and damage over time.

Everyday use and abuse can take its toll, as can failure to properly maintain and care for them. How do you know when you might need new dentures?

Keep an Eye Out for These Common Signs that It Might be Time for a New Set of Dentures:

  • Regular Discomfort
  • Trouble speaking or chewing
  • Irritation of the mouth or gums
  • Visually noticeable chips, cracks or breaks
  • You regularly bite the inside of your inner cheek

How Long Do Dentures Typically Last?

When well maintained, dentures can last up to 5-20 years. The exact lifespan of your dentures will be influenced by several factors including the type, model, material they are made from, your oral health habits, maintenance and other lifestyle choices.

If you notice any of the issues above, or if your dentures are five or more years old, call or message us for an appointment to have them evaluated today.