When it comes to dentistry, trust is important.

Trust is vital when it comes to choosing dental services. The owner of Dentures 4 You, Alex Kanzburg, is one of Melbourne’s leading dental prosthetist. He is a pioneer in the denture industry and has been creating dentures in his onsite laboratories since 1994. Combined with his father’s six decades in the field of dentistry, they have both the experience and the high tech equipment to deliver dentures that are accurate and individually tailored specifically to meet the needs of every patient.

With Alex’s diploma in Dental Technology and Dental Prosthetist, he is able to render quality service that is backed up with his friendly and caring approach. These qualities have helped institute trust between him and his patients. Regardless of what type of dentures you need, Dentures 4 You can surely help. We offer a wide range of products such as: lower and upper dentures, partial acrylic, partial metal and partial flexible dentures. We are also experts when it comes to repairs, relines, mouthguards and implants. The lab can also deal with all sorts of programs and insurance like the Victorian Denture Scheme and Veteran Affairs.

Why Choose Us?

Dentures 4 You is one of Melbourne’s leading denture companies with a team of committed dental health professionals. Our aim to help you achieve a perfect smile. Whether you need new dentures or you simply want your current dentures repaired or rebased – let our dental specialists deal with you directly. Dealing with our team of dedicated Dental Prosthetist, there is no need to go through all the pain of dealing with third party since you speak to the experts directly.

We take pride in providing highly personalised service to our clients. We spend time understanding your individual needs and suggest a denture solution that best suits you. Our exceptional service is unlike most dental offices where dentists take mouth impressions and send them to a dental technician. Usually, the technicians have no idea about your particular requirements. They just create the dentures and have them delivered to you. Personalisation is our advantage and we work hard to develop the best solution and product for you.

Our Dental Laboratory

Our laboratory is equipped with the newest and finest appliances to deliver excellent service and products. We keep abreast of advancements in the dental industry so we can ensure our patients are happy and satisfied. The material that we use for making your dentures are of the highest quality to provide cutting edge safety, comfort and quality of life. We are not only concerned with improving our clients’ appearance, but we also aim to ensure each client is comfortable.

We also specialise in other services like denture relining, repairs, cleaning and making sports mouthguards. Our dedicated staff are always present to guide you and discuss possible options.


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