Understanding Digital Dentures

What Are Digital Dentures?

Unlike traditional dentures, digital dentures are fabricated by using CAD (a form of computer-aided design) alongside computer-aided manufacturing technologies.

Together, these two methodologies meld dental treatment protocols in the office, with innovative technology to create incredibly precise, accurate and form-fitting dentures that patients love.

At Dentures4U we take great care and pride in making digital dentures that look and fit as well as they perform. Blending our unique processes and attention to detail with CAD/CAM software, our team can create incredibly precise dentures made to fit your unique physical architecture complementing your facial structure and provide you with a reliable, high-quality new set of pearly whites.

Utilizing advanced software, every contour of your gums, jaw, teeth and mouth are precisely traced and detailed, minimizing the potential for any human error in measurements. From simple dentures to complicated fittings, digital dentures guarantee a perfect fit.

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What Are the Benefits of Digital Dentures?

Custom Designed and Fitted – We offer a wide range of customisable options to help you find the perfect blend of look and feel. From various colours and materials, to size and form, we’re here to make sure that your new dentures look and feel amazing.

Unparalleled Precision – Advancements in technology now bring an unparalleled level of precision and capability to the dental field. CAM/CAD software is capable of incredibly precise measurements that perfectly match the structure of your mouth, gums, jaw and more. This process results in a more secure, better fitting, and more natural feeling.

Durability – At Dentures4You we create our digital dentures to last. Working with the best materials and builds, we craft our dentures to withstand high impact and provide years of reliable use for our patients.

Convenient – Digital dentures offer a level of convenience that can’t be had with traditional dentures. Typically requiring fewer visits, and with a process that can reliably and expeditiously create new dentures, digital dentures offer the ability to get fitted with dentures fast.

Consistency and Reliability– The use of digital software greatly removes the chance of any human error, resulting in an incredibly reliable process that provides consistency of quality, fit and performance with every fabrication.

Digital Backups – Worried about losing or damaging your dentures? Don’t be!We keep the digital blueprint for your dentures on file, so if you ever need to, we can quickly get you another set made with only a couple days of wait time.

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