Dentures 4 You specialize in making metal frame dentures. These are an excellent solution if one or several teeth are missing. With this type of denture facial form is preserved and your oral function remains fully supported.

We guarantee that our metal dentures are highly durable for long term use as we make them high strength and at the same time comfortable. With this dental product all of your remaining teeth are fully supported. Our metal dentures do not feel cold or look unsightly and are created using medically approved metals such as cobalt chrome and the combination of nylon resin and cobalt chrome.


Specialists In Metal Frame Dentures

We are also skilled in making metal dentures that mimic the colour or your remaining teeth for the most natural appearance. Our team also takes pride in making metal dentures that are designed for clients with allergies. Our hypoallergenic metal dentures totally reduce the possibility of an allergic reaction. We assess our clients thoroughly and this includes a discussion about allergies to any kind of metal prior to delivering the right treatment.

Most of our clients prefer our comfortable and discreet metal frame dentures. Our team are able to provide you with the choice of metal clasps or clips that carry the tooth colour for enhanced denture retention and stability. Metal dentures that look like the rest of the natural teeth provide that added confidence.

Our Metal Dentures

  • Serve as a great alternative to dentures that are made from acrylic plastics that tend to cover the palate and mouth.
  • Do not cover the palate and are smaller letting the wearer speak as normal and savour the goodness of food.
  • Are highly durable and strong and do not fracture easily compared to the alternatives.
  • Do not change shape as the mouth goes through changes. We monitor the wear of our clients’ metal dentures thoroughly as a part of the dental routine.

We Have Several Options For Metal Dentures

We offer our clients various options for metal dentures, from pure metal dentures that are made from chromium, titanium and also hybrid dentures that are made from combined plastic and metal or nylon resin and metal. Dentures 4 You employs the best dental clinicians to make sure the denture material and its fit is just perfect. Our metal dentures are known for their resilience and strength that gives you comfort and teeth replacement for the long term.

We also guarantee the best solution at a cost that you can afford. We discuss the costs and expected results to up front. Our acrylic plastic dentures combined with metal is an economical choice, but is not recommended for long term use unlike metal dentures.

We provide consultations to help you come up with a suitable treatment plan and to discuss the type of materials you would like for your metal frame dentures. We are always happy to help you with your choice!

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