Partial Acrylic Dentures: Hallam & Rosebud

Partial acrylic dentures are an easy and highly affordable solution for someone with the problem of missing teeth. They are utilised for replacing one or more teeth missing from the lower or upper jaw. The acrylic denture is placed and attached alongside the natural teeth.

The partial acrylic denture fits nicely against the gum and remaining teeth. Acrylic dentures help to prevent the natural teeth from moving out of position whilst potentially improving the aesthetic of the mouth.

We provide patients in Melbourne’s South Eastern suburbs and the Mornington Peninsula with custom-made acrylic dentures. Our clinics are conveniently located in Hallam and Rosebud. Call now to book an appointment with our friendly team.


Benefits Of Receiving Partial Acrylic Dentures

There is a range of benefits for receiving partial acrylic dentures, including:

  • A comfortable, highly affordable option for missing teeth
  • Custom-created for perfect fit
  • Easy and quick to produce
  • Easy to change/modify when adding teeth or relining the gum
  • Simple to put in and take out

Comfortable To Wear, Natural-Looking Acrylic Dentures

The dentures produced by Dentures 4 You can be easily modified or adjusted in case any changes occur during their fabrication. We use the highest quality materials when producing acrylic dentures to ensure their quality and lifelike appearance. We also produce dentures in a manner that makes your set look incredibly similar to your current teeth.

Do I Need Acrylic Dentures?

Having acrylic dentures installed depends on your preference. It could be the right option for you if:

  • You are missing teeth and require a partial acrylic denture for a quick and easy solution to missing teeth.
  • You need a more affordable denture solution, or it is the first time you have received dentures.
  • You require a partial denture to stabilise your remaining set of teeth.

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