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If you wear complete or partial dentures it’s important to follow an oral health care regime. At Dentures 4 You we can develop a plan when you schedule a denture check-up. An annual denture check-up with a dental prosthetist will help you maintain or improve your dental health.

Every practice has probably seen their fair share of dentures that are beyond repair, here at Dentures 4 You we want to ensure these issues are fixed before your dentures become irreparable.

Some people aren’t aware that dentures require checking and maintenance every year and never get their’s examined by a professional.

Signs that you need a denture check-up :

  • headaches
  • change of facial structure (bone loss)
  • pain of the neck and face
  • irritated and soft gums
  • poor digestion

What to expect from your annual denture check-up

  • Review of your medical history 

We will review your medical history to ensure that there are no medical conditions that may affect your treatment. Just as important as checking dental problems is the early detection of oral cancer. Annual check-ups can help detect oral cancer in its early stages, so you can undergo conservative treatment and avoid radical therapy. There are many health problems including, vitamin deficiencies, chronic long term illness, the effects of medications, diabetes and even high blood pressure can change the way dentures fit.

  • A thorough examination of your gums and tissues 

Wearing dentures can exert extra pressure on the surrounding gums and bone structure, causing gradual but continual resorption and bone loss. Pressure is also exerted on any original teeth used to support partial dentures, so it is important that dentures and tissues are examined annually to prevent and minimize tissue inflammation or irritated gums, and reduce tissue or bone loss.

  • Checking your dentures fit properly

Dentures are not self-adjusting. Overtime, wearing of the teeth from chewing, discoloration of the materials, and changes to tissue will affect the fit, comfort, and appearance of your dentures. At the check-up, your dental prosthetist will assess the fit, the function, and the health of the tissue surrounding the dentures to ensure that they are not loose due to changes in your mouth.

  • Professional cleansing

Professional cleansing is important to remove plaque that has built-up on your dentures. This not only makes daily cleaning of your dentures easier but also lengthens the life of your dentures.

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