Dentures 4 You assess your dentures thoroughly to guarantee their reliability. Our team of experts makes necessary repairs to help restore their appearance, function and fit.

We are skilled in performing relines or refitting of the denture to the gum tissue to make it a perfect fit. The process of relining involves obtaining an impression of your gums and mouth, taking away some of the acrylic part from the tissue portion of the denture and adding new denture material if required.

We Highly Recommend Relining Your Dentures In The Following Cases:

  • Significant Weight Loss
  • Bone Shrinkage
  • Aging
  • Infection
  • Illness
  • Teeth Extraction (for partial dentures)

We are fully aware that these conditions affect how your dentures fit. Our team encourages you to come to our dental laboratory when you feel that your denture is getting loose and falling out of place as you speak or eat. When loads of dental adhesive seem not enough to hold the denture in place and you notice that it is getting chipped, we are here to help you.

Our Laboratory Offers Two Kinds Of Reline:

  • Standard – the material is the hard acrylic used in dentures.
  • Soft – this technique makes use of a softer lining in the denture that enhances its comfort in instances where the traditional hard acrylic can cause soreness. We reserve this kind of relining for older patients or those with overlying gums on the ridges and thin mucosa as well as post-surgery patients and those with dental nerves exposed.

Aside from relines, our laboratory is also well equipped in performing repairs. We have the best people and tools to restore cracked or broken dentures to almost perfect condition. We suggest repairs as soon as chipping or small breaks occur in the dentures or when the replacement of a tooth or teeth necessary due to wear and tear. Our denture repair services take no more than a day. We nearly always can fix your dentures while you wait.

We Recommend Preventative Repairs When:

  • Dentures Fit Poorly
  • Tooth/Teeth Are Worn
  • Brittleness (due to the age of denture)

Gluing your dentures when they break is strongly discouraged. Glues that can be found in the household are not ideal for the mouth and make the entire repair process harder. In the case of a tooth falling out of your denture, come straight to our clinic with the tooth and we will gladly fix the denture for you in no time.

Dentures 4 You employs the best dental technicians and prosthetists to check your dentures for damage and then apply the necessary solution. Whether relining or repairing we take our craft seriously.

If you feel that your dentures need a check-up, feel free to get in touch and we will be more than happy to lend a hand.

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