Imagine how life would be if one or some of your front teeth were missing. Your eating, smiling and speech would all be affected. Not to mention your confidence.

There is no need to worry since Dentures 4 You offers Mouth Guards to provide a cushion to any blow or trauma to the facial area. With the aid of a well fitted and good quality mouth guard, injuries to teeth, tongue, lips and the facial area can be prevented. Mouth guards provide cover to the upper teeth as well as the soft tissues of the lips, tongue and lining of the cheeks.

Who Should Wear A Mouth Guard?

Ideally, mouth guards should be used by adults and children who participate in contact sports like basketball, football, soccer, hockey, boxing etc… Mouth Guards are also recommended for those who engage in non-contact sports like gymnastics as well as activities like biking and skateboarding. All these put the mouth at risk of getting an injury which Mouth Guards protect against. Most importantly, they protect your teeth from being broken, chipped and at worst, being knocked out.

Also, if your or your children suffer from teeth grinding during sleep, specialised Mouth Guards are available to prevent teeth damage.

Dentures 4 You Offers Four Kinds Of Mouth Guards:

Stock Mouth Guards

These are ready to wear Mouth Guards that are guaranteed to be of great quality. They are the least expensive however their use is restricted since adjustments cannot be made. These can also be a bit bulky making talking and breathing harder. Although this type does not guarantee the best protection, we offer the best of its kind to provide our clients with an economical option without sacrificing quality and function.

Boil and Bite Mouth Guards

Although these are also available in stores that specialise in sporting goods, we provide a product that fits better and offers greater protection to those in stores. We make them with the finest thermoplastic material. You just put it in hot water and wait for it to soften, put it in your mouth and let it shape itself perfectly to your teeth.

Customized Mouth Guards

This is our speciality and what we recommend for most of our clients. These are custom fitted and only professional dental laboratories can make them. To do this we first get a mold of your mouth and teeth using a special type of material. We then customise a mouth guard based on your requirements. This mouth guard offers long lasting protection and comfort.

Nocturnal Bite Splint

This is a special type of mouth guard for those who grind their teeth during night. Only a qualified and experienced dental technician can make these for you.

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