At Dentures 4 You, we offer immediate dentures. These are dentures that are placed right after the extraction of teeth.

Immediate dentures are made to be put in the same day the remaining teeth are extracted.

The advantage of immediate insertion is for cosmetics and function during the period of healing.

After your teeth have been extracted it takes time for your gums and bone to heal. Immediate dentures are the solution for patients who do not want to go without teeth.


Our Immediate Dentures Are Available In Two Forms:

  • Complete – We offer a range of complete dentures economy custom and deluxe which offers the highest level of strength, resistance to stain and aesthetic appeal.
  • Partial – We offer a temporary solution to let the gums heal prior to another surgery or treatment. Our most popular are the cast metal, which is the strongest, along with acrylic and flexible versions.

How Will You Benefit From Immediate Dentures?

We know when immediate dentures are a good option for you and it offers a wide range of benefits. By using immediate dentures, there will be:

  • Zero Smile Gap – There is no need to smile with no teeth or with a gap.
  • Reduced Bone Resorption – Immediate dentures help reduce resorption as the ridges are loaded right away.
  • Healing – By having an immediate denture in place, the clots that form underneath the gums are stabilised.
  • Enhanced Speech and Chewing – It lets you chew normally and prevents your speech from being negatively affected.
  • Easy Adjustment – Immediate dentures can be relined easily as the gum reduces in size in order to enhance fit and cover up unpleasant gaps.
  • Great Alternative – With immediate dentures, the natural teeth position will be copied and the right denture height will be measured.

In our laboratory, we are meticulous with the process because we want to make sure that we are doing it right for our clients. Right after taking the teeth impression and the bite, the identified tooth/teeth will be extracted by our in house dentist. Then our technician shapes the denture teeth so they look the same as the extracted tooth/teeth for the most natural result.

We review the fit and ensure that the necessary adjustments are made before the actual installation of the denture. Our professional team will follow up and give care instructions to ensure you have no complications or issues that can be related to new dentures. We will monitor and perform the required adjustments until your complete denture is ready to take over the place of immediate denture.

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