Dentures 4 You offers a wide range of affordable and quality dentures depending on your needs. One of the oral prosthetics that we provide is partial dentures.

A partial denture is typically composed of replacement teeth connected to a base or either metal or plastic depending on your needs. We can create partial dentures that have clasps and metal frameworks or connectors that look more natural. We also make partial dentures that are removable. These are attached to natural teeth with the aid of dental instruments called “precision attachment” which look totally natural.


Our team of professional dental technicians and prosthetists offer a variety of partial dentures:

Cast Metal – A cast metal partial denture is less bulky, tougher and provides an almost perfect fit. It is composed of metal framework where our onsite dental technicians connect denture teeth of the finest quality. We specialise not only in making the denture teeth, but also forming the metal framework. You can expect your cast metal partial dentures to be available in about two weeks or less, which is a lot faster compared to our competitors.

Flexible – Our special flexible partial dentures are made from top quality materials which provide the wearer a snug fit and extra comfort. Not all dental laboratories have the training or equipment to be able to offer this type of partial denture.

Acrylic – The most affordable partial dentures. This denture is made with an acrylic base where the denture teeth are attached and set to the natural teeth through tiny metal clasps. This type can feel a bit bulky at first, but we guarantee our best work to give you an affordable and comfortable denture. We can have this ready for you while you wait.

Partial dentures may feel awkward in the beginning, but this is just normal. With our help, you will become comfortable wearing your new denture in no time at all. We don’t just make dentures, we also give you the right instructions on how to wear and take care of them.

We also perform adjustments when necessary to make sure that the denture will not cause pressure or soreness in your mouth. Adjustments are required over time as our mouth goes through changes as we age such as gum ridges and bone shrinkage.

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