Dentures—Beyond Aesthetics

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Dentures—Beyond Aesthetics Photo by: Dentures are not simply false teeth that are made to help you eat. There is a science and art to making each of them. It is important to rem...

How Long Do Dentures Last?

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How Long Do Dentures Last? Missing teeth can affect a person’s quality of life. Dentures not only restore function in speech and eating, but they can also return a patient’s confidence in smiling and ...

What is the Difference Between Digital vs Traditional Dentures?


Dentures have come a long way since the days of gold, lead and ivory fabrication. Modern dentures offer incredible performance, comfortability, aesthetics and durability. Today’s market offers two typ...

COVID-19 Update

We are closed for all denture work. We are unable to do any routine denture work, neither denture repair.

'Urgent care only’ is for services that prevent significant deterioration in functional independence necessitating in an escalation of care increase, or, to help avoid hospital admission or emergency department presentation. Dental procedures and surgical treatment can only be undertaken in authorised public health care centres.

To all our valued patients.

Due to the current Victorian Government announcement, our clinic will be closed until Thursday 18th of February.

Unfortunately, due to the Government regulation, we are unable to perform any routine denture work neither are we able to repair dentures at this time.
We would like to thank all our patient for their continued support.
Please stay safe and stay home.